OpenArc Systems Management (Pvt) Ltd. is the software arm of the group holding 75% market share for solutions such as Merchant Banking, Finance & Leasing. The solutions were developed and implemented by OpenArc software engineers who were trained at our very own institute OpenArc School of Business and Technology. Our primary objective is to produce ingenious software from Sri Lanka to global markets and for this purpose we need to produce world class software engineers.
This explains our quest in searching good IT talent from our schools to be groomed as software engineers of international standard and reputation.
DiscoverIT the free IT workshop at OpenArc was planned to find talented students from schools and to offer free education who in turn will serve the industry.
Our efforts were endorsed when the Ministry of Education conducted joint projects in many instances to develop computer literacy in Sri Lanka.

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Since the year 2007,they designed a four year programme called Industrial Diploma in Software Development (IDSD). Throughout the programme OpenArc has offered ninety two (92) scholarships to deserving school leavers to follow the Diploma and then the BIT degree programme. After completing the Diploma the scholars are absorbed as trainees to OpenArc software development company.They study during one day of the week-end and practice during the week-days and receive a training allowance too. From the second year, they are absorbed to the software company as “Software Developers” and paid an industry average salary. They complete the degree while receiving the all important software development experiences. Hence, they are very capable on completion of the degree than a graduate coming out after completion of pure academic course.From this academic year starting in October 2012, OpenArc has introduced another new full time degree programme named Industrial BIT. Mr. Sinhabahu reinforced that the school has added many industrial components to the BIT external degree programme of the University of Colombo and offer triple benefits to the students. We not only ensure a very high pass rate, and offer them “OpenArc certificate of industrial training” for the training received by them but also guarantee a Job at the end of the degree programme.Both these programmes are very cost effective, even if a student does not receive a scholarship.


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The students will have a valuable opportunity to study Information technology under our professional guidance at our OpenArc School of Business & Technology, along with an opportunity to gain industrial experience for three years. When you pass out with the BIT degree from University of Colombo you are an industry expert with experience.
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For more details contact : 072 777 55 44 (Anne)

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